Patton CL1101E/PAFA/RJ45/EUI-2PK


The Patton Electronics CL1101E units are industrial POE Ethernet Extenders designed to extend Ethernet and Power to distances as great as 2KM.

They work in pairs, with a local unit and a remote unit as illustrated below.


Here are the relevant part numbers.

CL1101E/PAFA/RJ45/EUI-2PK Industrial CopperLink PoE Extender Kit 1x 10/100; 802.3af (mode A); RJ45 Line; Line Powered; AC Adapter 100-240VAC

CL1101E/L/P/RJ45/EUI Industrial CopperLink PoE Local Extender; 1x 10/100; RJ45 Line; 100-240VAC

CL1101E/R/PAFA/RJ45/E Industrial CopperLink PoE Remote Extender 1x 10/100; 802.3af (mode A);RJ45 Line; Line Powered


You can find more details about these products and the specifications here and here.

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