Patton 2173


A pair of Patton 2173 Ethernet Extenders work together to create a transparent extension between two peered Ethernet LANs.   The figure above shows a typical point-to-point application.

The Patton 2173  is a Multi Rate 100 Mbps Ethernet Extender Kit  with 2 units preset to local and remote.  They come with  110-240VAC  power supplies.

  • Ethernet Extension—Extends 10/100Base-TX Ethernet up to 4,250 feet over 2-wire 24 AWG twisted pair.
  • Operates Over Twisted Pair—Near fiber speeds without the cost of new cable or fiber installations or the hassles of wireless line of site.
  • Plug and Play—Modems need no configuration to operate, Ethernet ports are auto-sensing 10/100, full or half duplex.
  • Multiple Line Rates Supported—Switch-selectable line rates ensure best possible rate vs. reach combination.
  • Transparent LAN Bridging—No network configuration. Will pass higher layer protocols, including 802.1Q VLAN tagged and untagged packets. Fully transparent to various UP video compression schemes such as WMV, MPEG-4 and MJPEG.

Patton 2173/EUI
Patton 2173/EUI-2PK

These have been replaced by the Patton CL1214