Patton 2115 T1 Extender


Patton T1 Extenders

Patton 2113A/EUI-2PK
Patton 2115/EUI-2PK
Patton 2115/L/EUI
Patton 2115/R/EUI

(1) What makes the Patton 2115 T1 Extender so special?

They enable you to extend a T1 with just a single twisted pair of copper
They  extend your T1 up to 3 miles!

(2) How do you get 4 wire T1’s across a single copper pair?

The Patton 2115’s convert the T1 signalling to DSL…
then transport over a single twisted pair…
then back to T1 at the other end

(3)  How well do they work?

They work extremely well.
We’ve been selling these for a number of years
with a nearly 100% customer satisfaction rate.

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