Ethernet Extender Surge Suppressor


Ethernet Extenders have one vulnerability —  if lightning strikes nearby, surges on the copper between the units can take out one or both Extenders.    In areas with frequent thunderstorms, we recommend adding the following surge protectors :

Patton CopperLink Extender Kit / Surge Protector Model

2113/EUI-2PK    Model 552-GS2
2115/EUI-2PK    Model 552-GS2
2151/EUI-2PK    Model 570
2173/EUI-2PK    Model 570
2174/EUI-2PK    Model 570

2160/EUI-2PK    Model 552-GS2
2161/EUI-2PK     Model 552-GS4
2162/EUI-2PK    Model  552-GS8

CL1212/EUI-2PK  Model 570
CL1214/EUI-2PK  Model 570
CL1314/EUI-2PK  Model 552-GS2

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