Copper vs. Wireless

Customer compares Patton 2160 Ethernet Extenders with his trouble-prone wireless link…

“We have been extremely pleased with the Patton products we purchased from you.  We are currently using the CopperLink 2160 pair to connect 2 of our locations.  Previously, we were using a wireless link that would get about 5 MBPS usable throughput. We had continuous headaches involved with rain fade and such degrading the wireless signal.

The CopperLinks have now been in place about 7 months and we have had zero issues with them. They are a rock solid product and blow our wireless away. We still have the wireless installed as a backup link, but have not had to use it yet!

We are currently running multiple VLANs over the CopperLinks, including VoIP, getting about 12 MBPS throughput without a single issue.

Thank for very much for your help with this project.”

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Patton CL2300 PtoP

Patton CL2300 replacement for Patton 2160