CopperLink Eases Gas Station EVM Transition


EMV card readers need Ethernet but most forecourts are not wired for Ethernet.  Now CopperLink enables you to use your existing cable.

Gas station operators find themselves in need of replacing their CRIND (fuel system) and POS systems to comply…but it is not as simple as changing the terminals. Fuel merchants must now prep their sites for EMV by enhancing site wiring to support a broadband connection to the dispensers.

The Patton CL1212E Ethernet Extenders are the perfect solution.

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CopperLink 2115 T1 Extenders NOTICE

Patton 2115 T1 Extender

Patton Electronics’ popular CopperLink 2113 / 2115 E1 T1 Extender products have reached end of life.  We may have new or refurbished Patton or Black Box branded units still in stock.   Contact us to check.

We now recommend that our customers consider the Data Connect Copper-T units for extending T1 and E1 demarcs and circuits over copper.

Patton 2113A/EUI-2PK
Patton 2115/EUI-2PK
Patton 2115/L/EUI
Patton 2115/R/EUI

Patton’s CopperLink-T Model 2113 & 2115 T1/E1 Extenders extend T1 and E1 circuits beyond their typical reach while conserving the number of wire pairs used.

With the CopperLink-T™ extenders, zero configuration is required. Simply take them out of the box, put them on either side of the dry copper pair, connect your T1 or E1 device and the circuit will light up immediately!

Patton CopperLink on GSA Schedule


All Patton Electronics products are now available at exclusive government discounts on the GSA Federal Supply Schedule

(FSC Group 70, Part 1, Section B & C)

Federal government agencies can make purchases using:
A government wide commercial purchase card (GSA SmartPay®);
A GSA Activity Address Code (AAC); or
A Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DoDAAC)

State and local government entities can now purchase products and services under the

Cooperative Purchasing Program and the
Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program.

Payments can be made using a state or local government issued credit card.

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CopperLink CL1211 and CL1212


The Patton CL1211 single Ethernet port and the Patton CL1212, dual Ethernet port devices will be the same size as the older 2158 2168  2173 and 2172 units.  The Printed Circuit Boards are the same size as well (1.5H x 4.13W x 3.75D in. ).  The new CL1211 and CL1212 also run on 5VDC (like the older models, with an option for 12-48VDC.

The Patton Electronics CL1212 kits are 168 Mbps Ethernet Extenders with two Ethernet ports.   These units are a return to Patton’s classic small form factor with only two Ethernet ports instead of 4 ports, as on the Patton CL1214 units.  These are hot sellers, and the CL1212 sets are always in stock at DCE Express


Copper vs. Wireless

Customer compares Patton 2160 Ethernet Extenders with his trouble-prone wireless link…

“We have been extremely pleased with the Patton products we purchased from you.  We are currently using the CopperLink 2160 pair to connect 2 of our locations.  Previously, we were using a wireless link that would get about 5 MBPS usable throughput. We had continuous headaches involved with rain fade and such degrading the wireless signal.

The CopperLinks have now been in place about 7 months and we have had zero issues with them. They are a rock solid product and blow our wireless away. We still have the wireless installed as a backup link, but have not had to use it yet!

We are currently running multiple VLANs over the CopperLinks, including VoIP, getting about 12 MBPS throughput without a single issue.

Thank for very much for your help with this project.”

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Patton CL2300 PtoP

Patton CL2300 replacement for Patton 2160

Point to Point T1

If you need affordable equipment to set up a point to point T1
We recommend the low cost Patton 2603 T1 Routers.



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Patton 2603 T1 Router


Our customers love our Patton 2603 T1 Routers.  Why?  Simple.  Why pay more?  Sure, you can get a modular Router…so that you can swap out WAN interface modules…but what is the liklihood of ever needing to do that?

What you need is a point to point T1 Router to push data across T1.   You don’t want to spend more than is necessary.  And you don’t plan on ever swapping out the WAN module.

As I write this post,  I can confidently say that the Patton 2603 T1 Routers are the lowest cost T1 Routers available.  And they are solid performers.  We always have them IN STOCK because our customers keep coming back for more.

The Patton 2603 Routers come in two flavors….one has an internal power supply and one has an external power supply.  The units with the external supply cost less.  Here are the relevant part numbers:



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Patton 460F G.703 Balun

The Patton 460F G.703 baluns continue to be hot sellers for us.

Patton 460F G.703 Balun

Patton 460F G.703 Balun

These units handle balanced to unbalanced impedance matching  so that equipment using 75 ohm coax is not mismatched to equipment using 120 ohm twisted pairs.

European telcos typically offer 120 ohm twisted pair terminations, but many applications use only 75 ohm coax.

The Patton 460 baluns take 75 ohm signals and covert them to 120 ohms entirely consistent with the G.703 standard.

These units are in sufficient demand from our European and Central American customers, and from North American Companies who have projects overseas, that we keep the Patton 460F, and the Patton 460RC/16/F populated balun panels, IN STOCK.

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