CopperLink CL1211 and CL1212


The Patton CL1211 single Ethernet port and the Patton CL1212, dual Ethernet port devices will be the same size as the older 2158 2168  2173 and 2172 units.  The Printed Circuit Boards are the same size as well (1.5H x 4.13W x 3.75D in. ).  The new CL1211 and CL1212 also run on 5VDC (like the older models, with an option for 12-48VDC.

The Patton Electronics CL1212 kits are 168 Mbps Ethernet Extenders with two Ethernet ports.   These units are a return to Patton’s classic small form factor with only two Ethernet ports instead of 4 ports, as on the Patton CL1214 units.  These are hot sellers, and the CL1212 sets are always in stock at DCE Express